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Hegel, Borresen & Sanders Speak

Sub Woofer 101

Sound Level Calculator

How to Listen Critically

Music and the Brain

Room Acoustics

Am I hearing things?


New Hearing Loss Treatment

Free Streaming from Steinway

Watermark Listening Test

Nelson Pass on Power Supplies


How to select a Tube Preamp

With a transferable, lifetime guarantee. OH YEAH!!

Guide to Buying a Tube Preamp
So you want to buy a tube preamp? Good move- a tube preamp can be one of the most rewarding upgrades you can make to a stereo system.
Apart from a new set of speakers , a good tube preamp will give you the most audible change to your system.
But like speakers, there are good and not so good preamps , so what should you look for when previewing preamps?

Michael borresen on his craft

How to build a better box

(12) Interview Michael Borresen - Raidho : Scansonic : Aavik - YouTube (pdf)


why they amaze - videos from rmaf'19 sanders,hegel, borresen

SubWoofer 101 by jl audio


There's a guy doing videos regarding audio that I've come to respect quite a bit. His descriptions of everything audio are IMO, one of the best a easy to understand out there. His name is Hans Beekhuyzen and here is an example, of one, that I found very complete. He doesn't pretend to know more than he does, but his comments are based on his own experience and scientific fact, give it a watch.., I think you all will enjoy it as well as it being a learning experience.

Ben Taylor

Files coming soon.

News on Hearing

MIT on Brain-Music CCF12112019 (pdf)


Follicle Regrowth CCF12112019 (pdf)


Close your Eyes CCF12112019 (pdf)


Listen How

CCF08062019_0003 Critical Listening Skills (pdf)


Copland's Hat Trick CCF12112019 (pdf)


Tinnitus, HyperAcusis

Tinnitus CCF12112019 (pdf)


Am I hearing Things ? CCF12112019 (pdf)


Grounds, Rooms & Cables

Unbalanced, Ungrounded and Unfounded CCF08062019 (pdf)


Tom Hidley CCF12112019 (pdf)


Speaker Cables Unravelled CCF12112019 (pdf)


Audio Terminology and Room 101

Terminology CCF08062019_0005 (pdf)


Acoustics 101 CCF08062019_0002 Avoiding Early reflections (pdf)


Local Support and Sources

CCF09272019 Business Cards (pdf)


Can you discern the Difference?

Free on line test.

Nelson Pass on Power Supplies

Some very good info for anyone in learn mode.


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New Tweak for Denon Turntables

DL -103 Aluminium Cap

Despite being designed in the 1960s, the Denon DL-103 models are still one of the masterpieces in audio technology and can easily compete with contemporary phono cartridges. This broadcast standard cartridge exhibits the life and dynamics of analog audio. By simply upgrading the cartridge body and attachment, you can be confident you are getting the highest performance from your cartridge.

The Aluminum Body Cap (The Cap) provides a broadband improvement to the already remarkable sound of the DL-103/r: increased bass presence, improved soundstage and imaging, combined with remarkable tone. The Cap is not a modification: it is an accessory. The Cap is completely removable and transferable. The Aluminum Body Cap securely bolts through the stock cartridge body and headshell, providing a firm, mechanical connection.

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