February 2020 Vintage meeting held at Woolson's Audio

Apogee with Quicksilver Tube Bi-Amping

Apogee with Quicksilver Tube Bi-Amping

Apogee with Quicksilver Tube Bi-Amping


Larry Woolson's lifetime collection of vintage gear is a must see. Currently only open on Saturdays from 10-4pm.

Dahlquist to Sonus Faber

Apogee with Quicksilver Tube Bi-Amping

Apogee with Quicksilver Tube Bi-Amping


Larry operates Woolson's more as club

than a typical retail store.  Next door is HQ for James Kocke's HighEnd Audio Repair. A genius at his trade, James can fix anything.

Andrew Jones at the January 2020 Meeting


New Navis Powered Speakers- A Knock-out!!

A full house showed up for what was certainly a great show.  The powered Navis 2-way Stand mount speakers sounded like a $5,000 speaker. 

MSRP  is only $2,000. 

A twin at birth, Andrew Jones has been know to run his twin in when double booked. We are relatively sure the correct twin was in town.

Andrew Jones  is a truly understated genius at his craft. He impressed the 

crowd with his knowledge as well as his personality. A real people person.

We would like to thank Andrew for his time and trouble in making the drive from LA to Phoenix and hope to have him back again soon!!

january 4-5th 2020 Tucson DIY Event

The Arizona DIY Speakerbuilder Event 2020 Review (docx)


October Trip To KJZZ's New Studios

October Trip To KJZZ's New Studios

October Trip To KJZZ's New Studios


We were given the royal treatment by Eric Scheter,  chief engineer.  Eric was unflappable as he fielded our many questions. A beautiful set up with the all their new high tech mastering studios. 400 lb doors.  Who knew Hafler made powered monitors?

Thanks to KJZZ and KBAQ for being such gracious hosts!!!

October Trip To KJZZ's New Studios

October Trip To KJZZ's New Studios


June and August 2019 -See reveiw Tab


"DAC it Out"

"DAC it Out"

See Review Tab for Details

"DAC it Out"

"DAC it Out"

"DAC it Out"


September 2019 Meeting - Sound Engineering

How is Music Recorded

Ben Taylor, Professional Sound Engineer

How is Music Recorded


Paperwork Required

Ben Taylor, Professional Sound Engineer

How is Music Recorded


Ben Taylor, Professional Sound Engineer

Ben Taylor, Professional Sound Engineer

Ben Taylor, Professional Sound Engineer


Portable Gear

Audience Participation

Ben Taylor, Professional Sound Engineer


Audience Participation

Audience Participation

Audience Participation


Nancy Allen's Harpist

Audience Participation

Audience Participation



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IMG_5597 (jpg)


RMAF From Jeff


2019 Denver RMAF Short Report by Jeff Kalina


Why did so many big names opt out of the show this year?

-The Airport venue location? A Gaylord hotel room is no larger  than anywhere

 else so sound quality is the same you get in any little room. 

-The doubled exhibitor rates? Some makers sent products to be used by others

Magico for example. Fair enough but not a good look for the bigger companies

with no rep present. Others were complete product no shows-Spendor. 

-The story I was told by exhibitors in a couple rooms in which speakers present but not

 connected was that their room was an "Exhibition" room. Come in and look around. 

Personally I can do that online. I came to hear sound!! Tannoy/Spendor 


But "Something is Rotten in Denver" as the expression goes. 

-The 2 hour line for prepaid attendees to pickup their 

badges was ominous foreshadowing of what was to come. 

The line to buy tickets was 1/4 the size.  Boy Scouts lost that one.

-15-30 minute waits to be seated for lunch.

-No staff tending the main bar. Table service? Forget that. Go stand at the bar to order.

-The building is so oversized and out of scale with the environment. The 

place needed moving sidewalks. The Hotel staff was very friendly.

 If the event producers wanted to be near the Gateway Airport, then why

 not hold it at the Westin?  It is an integral part of Gateway. No cab required.

Airport menus pricesare nothing compared to GayLord's Resort

 "Captive Audience" pricing.

End of "Rag, momma Rag!!"


Hegel- An older hippie dude gave a wonderful answer to my question "What makes

the Hegel's sound better than the competition" His answer ran about 3 minutes

and convinced me. The new $6k model 390 is the hot ticket.

Salk-Jim had his Top of the Line side mounted woofer models playing rock and roll. He introduced a

prototype-a beautifully finished smaller 2 way due out in 2020. A favorite stop. Jim is a

 sweetheart. His room is always busy. His artwork is worth the wait.

Fyne- This newer company now has official USA distribution. This was their first "Show" as such.

This company is composed of a huge brain trust who left Tannoy after the 2015 takeover.  

They had a huge corner suite with the entire line. About 8 different models as I recall

ranging from $500-$1000 stand mount speakers to 3 floor standers from $1,000-$2,500.

Capped off with a $10k model. They look like players going forward. 

PS Audio- Knows how to display their booth. Great Merchandising. Even better the 

speaker concept they have been playing with is actually starting to sound good. 

Paul is a dedicated and stubborn dude.

Elac- Was playing a tiny desk top Speaker which listed about $1,000. Not bad sounding.

Innous- This company has added a separate Clocker piece. About $3,600. It does things I can't begin to

explain. These people believe that if you load your CDs in any of their machines for storage, the playback can be better than the original CD. $4,200 for model I covet. 

These people are the undisputed leaders.

Sanders- Still the most moving, realistic sound I hear. Shutup about small sweet spots. 

This is one spot worth sitting in.


Dali- They had speakers in two rooms. The Euphonia replacement at $20k was killer!! Even in a closet-sized room.  Hooray to the Dali Boys of Denmark.

Tekton- Eric Anderson was playing his big Moabs in Blue. Very Tall and very flashy. The room was loaded with people.

Borresen- Okay I admit I am in love their $35k Floor standers. Lars Kristen Kristensen gave a very detailed 6 minute lecture on the technical build incorporated in their product.

 Equipment was all Borresen as well. Check Youtube for a complete explanation. 

NAD- Has a new Integrated with Dirac correction built in. $2,800 and it looks as good or better than the Naim product they modeled. Very Cool approximately 3" x 3" color screen on the front.

 About 1/4 the size of traditional gear.

Vinnie Rossi-One of the few rooms that understands good sound can be enjoyed at 75db and lower.

Showed his new Integrated Tube Hybrid. Quite lovely. The $10k QLN Speakers are smooth.

Mr. Rossi is a gentleman and a scholar.

Schiit- Displayed the new $800 TT. Looks cool and they will sell a ton of them no doubt. 

They were another check writing firm that couldn't make it to the show.

Disappointments-Sonus Faber, Vandersteen, Klipsch and ZU Audio. 

Don't ask me why but those rooms sounded like crap.

I bought one of Mark Waldrep's DVD recordings. Beyond special what he does with a microphone. Acoustics Sounds also had many temptations as did the friendly lady who sells imported Chinese  music employing some instruments you may find as captivating as I did. 


Most tables had  headphones so you could "listen before you buy".

Disclaimer: I did not go in every room.  Opinions may vary. 

Dave Hjortland's 2019 RMAF Reviews






This was the first year for RMAF at its new venue, the Gaylord Resort & Convention Cen- ter. I’m sure it was a learning experience. The initial registration on Friday was a disas- ter, with long lines and waits. The rooms converted for the smaller vendors were scat- tered widely and confusingly over 9 floors. They did have signage on each of the floors that was a major help, however.

There have been rumors that RMAF has been struggling the last 2-3 years, and that Ax- pona is eclipsing it as the biggest US audio show. That’s probably all true, and a number of major brands were not represented here this year. However there were still a lot of the big boys present, and the attendees seemed enthusiastic enough. On the concluding Sunday I asked a number of exhibitors how they felt about this year’s show, and all that I spoke with were very favorable about it.

I was pleased to note that a majority of the exhibitors had analog sources, and many were actually using them. Digital sources were more prevalent, however.
Subjectively I think there were more women at this show than past audio shows I have attended. Granted, the majority of them were in the company of husbands or boy- friends, but not all. And many of them seemed genuinely interested in the sound they were hearing.

I regret to note that an unfortunate number of exhibitors still seem to equate volume with quality of reproduction. Truly sad.
My full report on the show would be too long and boring for anyone to actually wade through. The following is edited down by about half from that – believe it or not.


The Aavik, Borresen, and Ansuz group from Denmark seems to be up and coming. I have admired the Aavik electronics since they debuted, and they are expanding the line. The Borresen speaker line begs the question, “Who needs Raidho anyhow?” Their 01 stand- mounts were sounding far larger than their size, driven to excellent effect by an Aavik


integrated amp. They were also showing a prototype of a similarly-sized speaker, to be the first in a new range of more affordable Borresen speakers. The sonic signature was so similar that you’d have to have them side by side and listen closely to hear any differ- ences.

AGD Productions was showing a pair of huge Sigma Acoustics speakers being run by a fascinating tube amplifier. There is a single tube on each mono amp, which they label a GaNT Tube, that incorporates mosfets into the tube construction. They run cool and pro- duce 200 WPC... The sound was extremely good – I didn’t hear anything to criticize. (The speakers were fairly good, but I seriously doubt that they are worth whatever mega- bucks they doubtless ask for them.)

Sonus Faber was showing a number of models, most on static display but a couple being run with ARC electronics. The sound was excellent, smooth, detailed, and fairly expan- sive, but it was identifiably coming from boxes.

The ATC speakers that were being demo’d did not impress. In fact I didn’t stay long enough in the room to identify which model it was. They sounded... heavy, not refined or delicate, at least to my ears and with the source material and other gear in use. I have heard them at least somewhat better than at this show.

I am a sucker for new and different speakers, and a couple such caught my attention. One became my personal “Best of Show” (see concluding note). The other was the Forty-10 with “bending wave” drivers, by MC Audiotech, driven by Pass electronics. If I was to pick a speaker on looks alone, this would be it! Curved panels with several of these drivers are mounted on top of interesting subwoofers. The package comes across with a mid-century modern look that I loved. (I showed a picture of them to my wife when I got home, and she groaned.) The sound was really very good as well, though no way would I pay the $35,000 asking price.

Andrew Jones was on hand demo’g his Elac speakers, the small Debut 2 standmounts when I stopped in. Amazing for their inexpensive price point. He was using Audio Al- chemy electronics, from the company of that name that Elac bought. Peter Madnick (A. Alchemy founder) was standing by though not being asked to contribute much when I was there. If anyone asks me for a recommendation for a more affordable speaker, I have to say Elac.

Large dealer ListenUp had a corner suite showing a number of items. They recently started selling the Kirmuss Ultrasonic Record Restoration System, and Charles Kirmuss himself was present in a side room holding forth about and demonstrating his system. Though he is something of a character his system makes a lot of sense, and it was re- cently – and somewhat reluctantly – endorsed by Michael Fremer. It has significant downsides in that it involves several steps and takes more time than any other system. ListenUp was running a show special on the complete kit, and... I bought one.

The revived Classe brand was showing their electronics driving Magico S5-Mk2’s. The sound was quite impressive – the Magico’s were top-notch, and the amps were pretty de- cent as well.

Alsyvox is a brand of full-range planar ribbon speakers, which looked gorgeous and sounded... well, decent. They were playing music that was mid-range centric, showing off the speakers’ strengths. (A lot of exhibitors do this.) All digital, no analog here. At $89,000 the pair I have to ask how they would compare to big Maggies or ML’s. From what I heard, I suspect they would be left in the audio dust.

In the Nola room I was pleased to find that Carl Marchisotto was not playing his speakers at his usual ear-shattering levels. Loud, yes, but tolerable. Carl was showing his Concert Grand Reference Gold 2’s, I believe one model down from the top of his line, which costs a paltry $250,000. He was using VAC electronics and Odin 2 cabling. I’ve always liked Nola speakers, and hey – I could live with this system...

It’s always enjoyable to spend a few minutes listening to Richard Sanders’ electrostatics and accompanying amps. ($17,000 with one amp, $22,500 with two.) Their detail and transparency are truly amazing – possibly the best I’ve ever heard. Too bad about the “head-in-vise” sweet spot requirement, but it is what it is. I spoke briefly with Sanders, who explained that if not toed in to the listener the room acoustics become more of a factor and you lose transparency.

Well Pleased Audio/Video was showing – and playing! – the new Vinnie Rossi L2i-SE inte- grated ($19,000), sounding very good indeed. I spoke briefly with the man himself, and congratulated him on this achievement – for such it is. Speakers were Qln, standmounts giving a good account with delicacy and soundstage, but not full range. Source was an Innuos server – no analog here, sigh.

CH Precision was showing with Rockport Atria II speakers, Nordost cabling and footers, & a Commonwealth idler drive TT. I had never heard of the latter, apparently it’s Austral- ian. The Rockport sound was surprising, better than I have heard their models, almost out-of-box. But the CH integrated amp was the star here, incorporating a DAC & phono- stage. The rep challenged anyone to show him separates that could do as well, and after listening... I don’t think I could. CH seems to be THE high-end marquee these days. I just wish it wasn’t so bloody expensive.

Sound Organization is the newly appointed distributor for the fairly new brand of Fyne speakers from Scotland, founded by former Tannoy people. I was quite impressed with the 702 model they were playing, one down from their top F1’s which they did not have at the show. I consider myself a Tannoy fan, and would certainly love to hear the F1’s...

PS Audio was showing in a good-sized room that was crowded pretty constantly through- out the show. They are coming out with a full range of electronics, including preamps, DAC’s, phono pre, etc. They were also demo’ing and debuting a new floorstanding speaker, not yet formally on sale. I spoke briefly with the speaker designer, who said something about it being an homage to the late Arnie Nudell. They should retail for around $15,000 – which should make them at least somewhat competitive for what they offer (which from what I heard will not challenge the sonic capabilities of Wilson’s, Magico’s, YG’s, etc.). As of the 1st of this month PS is going all direct-sale, and home tri- als, at least of their electronics, will be available.

MusiChi is a brand of a music server and they were showing with Spoey 230 speakers, neither of which I was familiar with. I gotta say, though, the soundstage was fantastic. I won’t be going for a server anytime soon, but if I was this would be one to check out!

Gated HiFi Distribution had a couple of rooms. In one they were showing Naim electron- ics powering Kudos standmount speakers. The latter were very impressive – British, and apparently very well-regarded across the pond. They are an isobaric design, and retail at $12,500. Worth it? I’m not sure, but they were very good indeed.


Endow Audio was showing/playing a new speaker called the FS301, with “point array technology and passive signal processor technology.” The front baffle is curved back from the bottom to the top, with a lower woofer and a tweeter array on top that looks like it came from a 1950’s SF movie. ($39,000 show price, regularly $44,000.) This was perhaps the most impressive speaker I came across at the show, throwing an amazing soundfield with a well-defined sound top to bottom. Doubtless the Hegel amp driving them was helpful in achieving this impression. I talked with the owner/designer, and he said they plan to develop lower-priced models based on their design principals.

And... that’s all, folks!

Paul's Call


2019 RMAF Report by Paul Righello

Here are my picks for what its worth 🙂

Top Rooms:

  1. Vienna Acoustics Imperials + REL Stacked Sub Array + Boulder Separates = Phenomenal sound. They played a track from a Tool album (not my pick) and it was awesome. Totally listenable and engaging. No harshness whatsoever even though this is a metal band. Felt like I went through a transcendent experience.
  2. Hegel Room: H390 + Sonus Faber Electa Amator III = Super simple system that took total control of the small room. Kept looking for the sub that wasn’t there. 
  3. Revel Room: F228BE + Mark Levinson Integrated = Crystal clear balanced sound with no fatigue at all. Nearly full range with chest thumping yet tight bass. Detailed highs. I want a pair ($7K).
  4. Sonus Faber Room: Olympica Nova Vs + can’t recall the gear stack = Slam in spades. The image was a little larger than life but great soundstage and dynamics. My wife wants a pair but they are not in the current budget at $17K.
  5. Acora Room: SRC-1 two way made of granite using Scanspeak drivers. Run with ARC separates. Sounded real. Like there was a violinist in the room. Pricing is way off though, $36K. 

Other Standouts:

  • Salk Room: Beautiful and great sounding speakers.
  • Elac Room: Great standmounts for not a lot of dough. Carina gives the Kef LS50s a run for the money and are hundreds less too boot! Debut Reference sets a new standard for $500 standmounts.
  • Kanto Room: Tuk two way actives with ATM tweeters are a real gateway into HiFi. They have a remote control, built in amps and DAC with wireless capability. Plus there is a switchable crossover for adding a subwoofer. These were really quite good at $700.


Paul Righello

August 24th 2019 "DAC It out" Event

Jeff, Warren, Paul and Ben

Well Treated, Theatre Sized Room

Well Treated, Theatre Sized Room


Well Treated, Theatre Sized Room

Well Treated, Theatre Sized Room

Well Treated, Theatre Sized Room


Tim the Money Man

Well Treated, Theatre Sized Room

Ben, the Jedi Master


Ben, the Jedi Master

The Winner- Black Ice/Jolida $800 DAC

Ben, the Jedi Master


Careful Listeners

The Winner- Black Ice/Jolida $800 DAC

The Winner- Black Ice/Jolida $800 DAC


The Winner- Black Ice/Jolida $800 DAC

The Winner- Black Ice/Jolida $800 DAC

The Winner- Black Ice/Jolida $800 DAC


July 24th 2019 Member Meeting- Bring your favorite CD's its music Night!!!


Member Music Night!!

Held at the Trinity Lutheran Church at 7th Ave and Hatcher 7pm.

Bring your thumb drive or CDs. Each member is drawn from a hat

and everyone will hear 2 minutes of the piece. Drawing for Prizes!!

 LIST of Music Heard

  • Linda Ronstadt & Nelson Riddle – ‘Round Midnight’ (2CD)

This is a compilation of 3 CD’s – ‘For Sentimental Reasons’, ‘What’s New’ and ‘Lush Life’.

  • Al Stewart – ‘Year of the Cat’ CD. Track played – ‘On the Stage Before’.
  • Benny’s Gis – ‘Calypso Serenade’.

From a live recording made by club member Ben Taylor for The Phoenix Chamber Music Society.

David Shifrin – Clarinet

Pablo Asign – Double Base

  • Lee Barber – ‘All Night Long’.

Recorded by club member Stuart Yaniger in his living room. 

Available on Stuart’s website: syclotrom.com

  • ‘Greatest Video Game Music III’. Choral edition. By Orphei Drangar & Myrra Malmberg

Track played – ‘Skyrim Dragonborn’.

  • Isao Tomita – RCA Red Seal – ‘Greatest Hits’. Track played – ‘Close Encounters’.

Willias 1986/1979 – 70:19

  • ‘The Best of Cusco’ – ‘Montezuma’ & ‘Didjeridoo’.
  • Mary Stallings – ‘Live at the Village Vanguard’.

Track played – ‘Sunday Kind of Love’.

  • Jennifer Warnes - ‘The Hunter’

Track played – ‘I Will Rock You Gently’.

  • Peter Mulvey & Kris Delmhorts – ‘Redbird’.

Track played – ‘Moonglow’.

  • ‘Crowded House’. Track played – ‘Don’t Dream it’s Over’.
  • ‘Endless Journey’. Track played – ‘Amazing Grace’.


Enmusic World.com