"DAC IT OUT" August 24th, 11-3pm.

Compare 10 different DACs we have assembled

and hear the differences. Retail price ranges of $1,000

to $6,000 with the bulk in the $2k-$3k range. 

RSVP in Contact Tab please. 

July 24th 2019 Member Meeting- Bring your favorite CD's its music Night!!!


Member Music Night!!

Held at the Trinity Lutheran Church at 7th Ave and Hatcher 7pm.

Bring your thumb drive or CDs. Each member is drawn from a hat

and everyone will hear 2 minutes of the piece. Drawing for Prizes!!

9424 N. 7th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85027


SpeakerFest 2019 was a hit !!!

10am - 4pm


+ Event Details


SpeakerFest 2019 was a hit !!!

10am - 4pm



NEXT MEETING : July 24th 2019 Member Music Meeting

2019 Complete Calendar

A special Video lecture/ exhibition by Adam Goldfine, a professional  videographer.Adam Is exploring the possibility of producing a TV show on Stereo Equipment.

Shootout between Focal Kanta 2sand Goldenear Reference Provided by member Phil Groben and a friend of the club. Values of  $8,000-$10,000 The final score was....

Phoenix Chamber Music Society Harp Quintet. Featuring The American String Quartet with Nationally renowned Harpist Nancy Allen. A Viola  500 years old was heard. Awesome!

Fellow member HiFi Stereo enthusiast Jeffrey Behr opened his music room  to members to hear his new Atma Sphere mono blocks powering his recently upgraded Serenity Planars speakers. Always a pleasure.

A visit to Dan D'Agostino's new facility in Cave Creek. This was a very exceptional meeting. We listened to Mr. D'Agostino speak about sound  issues he deals with. We were wined and dined as royalty by the so gracious D'Agostino Family.Finally we were the first group to hear music in his new setup. Nuff said.

Speakerfest !!  1st Annual  event. Held at Venue8600 in two separate listening rooms with excellent Acoustics. Also a surprise appearance by a new D'Agostino Amp!!!

Over 100 attendees who stayed on average 2-3 hours to hear 9 speaker brands not represented

here in Phoenix, AZ. ATC was the overall crowd favorite with their SMC 40. Zu, Joseph, Salk and LSA

were also well received. The club thanks all the companies whose support made this work!


To be Held at the Trinity Lutheran Church-Hatcher and 7th Ave -Member's Music: Everyone's selections are pulled randomly and listened to. Always a crowd pleaser. At  this meeting we will hold a FREE RAFFLE for a system very generously donated by Charlie Harrison, owner of US Tube Audio. A local premier retailer!

Fellow member Paul Righello has organized a key event called "DAC It Out"!!As the name implies we have gathered some if the best DACs made in the Worldin an "affordable" price range for a member A/B shootout.1.-Schiit =Yggdrasil

  • 2.Benchmark = DAC3
  • 3.iFi Audio=  Pro iDSD
  • 4.PS Audio=DirectStream DAC
  • 5.Holo Audio =Spring DAC2
  • 6.Jolida =Glass FX DAC and  FOZ unit (sound stage enhancer)
  • 7.NuPrime =Evolution DAC
  • 8. L.K.S. DAC
  • 9. Line Magnetic's New DAC

Held at Acoustic Designs in the Scottsdale Airpark.


Ben Taylor, professional sound engineer and club member will demonstrate how he made a  recording in March by the Phoenix Chamber Music Society. Besides another chance to enjoy internationally renowned harpist Nancy Allen, club members will gain a fuller understanding of  how sound which enters a microphone ends up as a recording.


The Club has an Annual Swap Meet where members may sell or buy equipment related to A/V.  Good way to make room for something new for the upcoming Holidays!! 


Fellow member and Audio/Video afficiendo Steve Bruzonsky opens his dedicated, custom built, audiophile home theatre 18’W X 25’L X 12’H for club members only.  Just renovated (this summer)  with a Trinnov Altitude 32 (24 channels) SSP, and a planned 9.4.13 system (9 main floor speakers – 3 Aerial Acoustics 7ts floorstanders, and more! A very special evening!!!!

Holiday Break: Spin your favorite Holiday music and watch movies!!!

2020 Visions:

Room correction: Why you want it, how it works and what is costs!

Demos from all the leading manufacturers -Anthem, Legacy, DBX,  Learn something new!!

Headphones anyone?  Which models are the best values and which amp

matches up well. To be held at a local Retail Store. 

We will be entertained by the Phoenix Chamber Music Society at the

Camelback church venue. A $50 value offered gratis to our members.

Member shoot out between top Speaker brands to include sub $10,000 Retail 

models from Aerial, Focal, Magnepan, PMC, &  ATC. Which will win the prize of $100? ?

Will it be the British, French or American Flag that is raised??

Shopping for a new Integrated? We will provide A/B listening opportunities between

top name brands like  Hegel, Sugden, McIntosh, Naim and others TBD. 

Cables, interconnects, digital and Voodoo. Snake oil or legitimate system improvement?

Cardas OFC , Nordost , DH Labs . You need to know!!

Boom Correction: The swarm, 1000 watts of power. low freq. under 10hz? 

Which boom do you prefer?