listed november 14th, 2019-nuprime Evolution dac- New In box

Save a Bundle on this "DAC It Out" vendor supplied Beauty

25% off or $2,438. Contact to purchase.  


Listed November 4th 2019-REL Subs

Two REL Gibraltar G1 Mark II subwoofers



On offer are two REL Gibraltar G1 Mark II subwoofers. This is a CURRENT MODEL of one of the most highly regarded subs in the world. (And yeah, I may be crazy to sell them.) Please check the web for reviews. They were purchased new from a local dealer in May 1017, and are in excellent condition and in perfect working order.
With them I will include the 6 meter Baseline Blue cables I bought with them, which I purchased for $1098.

They have been well cared for in a non-smoking home, and because I travel a lot they haven’t had 2 years of use on them.
I was going to rate these a "9" as there is no readily visible mark or flaw on either of them. However when I stare hard at the tops there may be a barely visible minor smudge or whatever. Again, nothing readily visible, they look new – but just to be safe I am giving them an “8”.

With their gloss finishes they are difficult for me to photograph, but I did my best.

I want to get them sold, and so offer the pair – with both the original stock cables AND Rel’s high-end Blue Baseline cables – for $7,250. (With the Baseline cables the pair cost me more than $12,000.) At this price I ask that buyer pay PayPal (3%) if that is the means of payment, and any shipping costs. Will ship, but will be glad to demo them for anyone who wants to visit me. I live in a northern suburb of St. Paul, MN.


I include all original packing, owners manuals, the 2 remote controls, and spiked feet, and the stock cables and the Blue Baseline cables. NOT included are power cords. (I don’t recall that they came with them, and you will want to use a quality after-market ones in any case.)

Member Gear for sale !!!!


September 1st 2019

Club member Steve Bruzonsky has a pair of Aerial 7ts offered to members

at $6k/ pair or reasonable offer. New $12k. 

July 11, 2019 Joseph Pulsars-Dealer Demo

Joseph Audio Pulsar Bookshelf Speaker. As demoed in the Speakerfest event June 2019. One speaker has a dent in the right front corner. No audio damage but visible if close enough. Owned by a  Joseph dealer, these are from 2016. A full 5 year warranty is included. This rare speaker that showed everyone what a bookshelf could be. $1,800 upgrade available from Joseph for the new  edition Graphene  2 with crossover. The new model sells for $8,800 New.  $4,995. Contact Jeff Kalina to see/hear them.


July 11, 2019 Joseph Audio Pearl Speakers-Dealer Demo

This pair of Pearl 1s from 2006 is also owned by a former Joseph dealer who resides in Tucson. The Pearl is  the top of the line product in the Joseph line. Essentially no change in the speakers only cosmetic exterior differences with today's model.  Again comes with the same warranty as when new 5 years!

Today's Retail $31,000. Way low at  $13,000 .  A chance to end the searching and just enjoy your music! See  photos in the Gallery Section. Contact Jeff Kalina for details.

June 19th 2019 ML Abyss Subwoofers $450 Each or 2 for $800

Barry Rosensteel, member.

I purchased these two ML Abyss subwoofers when I moved to my new place about 6 years ago. They have only been used sparingly with the theater setup as I am mostly a 2 channel guy with substantial full range speakers. They have 12” aluminum cone drivers. They are in very good condition, are down or front firing powered subs and if you haven’t heard ML subs, they can be addicting. I am building a new dedicated listening room and they won’t integrate into my system. They retailed for around 1100 bucks each. I am asking 800 for the pair or 450 each but am open. I believe that I still have original user’s Manual but finding it quickly may not be simple. The manuals are available online for free on the ML site. The one that was used for front firing in my setup has a grille. The one that was used for down firing does not. This does not affect function but the down fire unit if used front fire would show the cone (oh my). (I actually have the 2nd grill but the stabilizing pins were damaged in storage)  

Here’s the technical stuff from the ML site:

10/1/19 -New Member David Das offers:


I have 3 Mackie CR1604 16-channel mixers in pristine condition that I would like to sell at the October meetup.

I will be selling them for $200 each.


I also have 2 Pioneer LaserDiscs for sale.

Pioneer CLD-3070 with remote ($180)

Pioneer CLD-3390  with remote ($200)

Both are in perfect working condition.






10/15/19-Four absorbing panels 2' x 4' for sale

*******SOLD*******Owens Corning 2" Rigid #703

I have four panels. Buy at $29 each or 4 for $100


10/29/19 -Monster Subs To Go!!