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Supporting Community:

Supporting Community:

Supporting Community:


AZHiFi- Glen & Bill Rothermel Harmon

USATube Audio -Charlie Harrison

LMC Entertainment-Mike Weir & AJ


ZIA Records


James Koch

Line Magnetic Authorized

3202 S.  40th Street Suite 9



Jeff's Professional Audio Repair

Also Car Stereo work

4221 North 19th Ave

Phoenix, AZ 85015


M-F 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM

Steering Committee

Paul Righello



Joe Goswami


Jeff Kalina    



Roy Cook  


Ben Taylor  

Sound Engineer

Dave Hjortland


Thomas Parker Swenson

Inspirational Speaker

Bob Olivere

Classic Music  Maestro

Curt Dragomanovich


Tim Warren   

Work horse    

Club Mission:

Supporting Community:

Supporting Community:

The Arizona Audio Video Club was formed in the mid 80's.  The greater Phoenix population has now grown  to 4.5 million people yet in January of 2019 the Club had only 25 paid members and was on the verge of shutting down.

Today's goal is to increase membership by updating the social media presence as well as offering more Special Events that members tell us they want to attend.

Attracting younger members is paramount. As Millennials come to learn they are missing much detail of every song they love so much, we HiFi buffs are presented with an opportunity to grow the ranks.  

Sonos and other portable sound systems serve the important purpose of allowing music to travel. 

Forward thinking companies like PS Audio have generated  entry level HiFi products (Sprout) that provide an affordable option.  The goal must  be to offer a HiFi system with streaming capabilities, room correction and Speakers that retails at $1,000 or less. 

Lofty yes  but why not set the bar high?

We actively seek out member input

of ideas or recommendations for improvement. Please email any Steering Committee member with your progressive ideas! 

We need members who want to take ownership of provocative conceptual meetings.


Just the FAQs Ma'am

Supporting Community:

Just the FAQs Ma'am

How Much to join for a year?

$48  Annual renewal

$35  New members first year

-What is the biggest benefit ?

-Enhance your musical enjoyment with new music , new equipment and most importantly new friends.

-A highly sought after collection of  well recorded music is provided each new member. 

-Assistance and advice when choosing new equipment. Patience will be rewarded.Members sell gear  frequently and at very good prices for the most part. These sales are typically legitimate bargains 

-Guest Speakers such as Andrew Jones , renowned speaker designer,

Dan D'Agostino are recent examples.

-Hear about the newest products as they come to market.

-Access to member written Trade Show Reviews from Axpona 

and RMAF. Club Group Travel.

-Meet up privately with other members to hold your own music nights.

-Door prizes- 

-Steve Adamson was the lucky winner of a $300 power cord!! 

-Warren Rosenbaugh

won a pair of $600 AudioQuest Interconnects. 

-Paul Righello who produced the DAC It Out event was given the winning DAC from Black Ice Audio, an $800 value.

-Mini System made in Germany. 12-8-19 Update-Lucky Winner-Roy Cook!! Congrats!

MIM Concert


Greater Phoenix Area Club for Music Lovers

Annual Dues: $48/year. $35  In Year One.


1 1/2 to 2 hour duration. Held on  the 4th Wednesday of each month except in the case of a public event which be held on a Saturday. November Meeting is held 1st Saturday of December. There is typically no other December Meeting.


These will vary as we visit Showrooms,

Manufacturers, private residences, Phoenix Chamber Music Society performances, MIM,

Record Stores,etc. Members will receive a newsletter via email the 1st Wednesday of each month.


Is This Club for Me?

Does great sound make you feel special? Then this is for you.


-In January members receive a  thumb drive containing many years of the club's 

collection of great recordings of all genres . Each year members submit their best new finds as additions. This is a very pleasurable benefit  which alone is worth the cost of admission.

-If a member would like some assistance/guidance when auditioning 

any equipment, we have experienced people willing to help.  A member may 

own a piece you are interested in.

-As members buy new gear and sell the old, many Opportunities exist to buy this used 

gear at special "Member Only" prices. If you are are at all budget conscious you will want

to keep an ear open for these offerings.

-Discounted Admission to the Phoenix Chamber Music Society events.  See Ben Taylor.

-A chance to learn of Special  events such as the 2019  Speakerfest and "DAC It Out" 

-Door prizes:

New member Steven Abramson won a $300 power  cable donated by Dedicated Audio's owner Dan Harmon  Dan is a local retailer of many great lines and always a generous supporter.

AudioQuest "Water" Interconnects. Value $600. Thank you Don Loving of Acoustic Design.

Raffles: Charlie Harrison of USATUBE Audio donated an $800 German made

all in one sound system. Thanks Charlie!

-Personal Hi-Res player by FiiO -$70  value.

-Assorted cable organizers and isolation   pads

Counsel from Veterans on how to get started in Audio. 

Improve what you now own. How to find great recordings.

-Our members include a professional recording engineer and former retailers.

-Communicate with fellow members to meet up privately and listen to each other's systems.

-Learn how to make your system sound better without spending a dime.

Suggestions Please!

We are more than open to hearing all new member ideas to increase the club's 

appeal and broaden our exposure to new members.

Traditionally the relationship between audio clubs and Retailers of hifi gear

has been rocky at best.  Club members shop retailers for information, 

demonstrations and discounts only to often buy on line in an effort to 

save some money. This is an obvious lose/lose relationship.

As more manufacturers opt for direct sales, the consumer becomes the real loser.

Remaining choices are to buy online, pay shipping and begin a trial period.  

We try to bridge the gap with special events 2019-'Speakerfest' and 'Dac it Out'.  

Consumers attended from as far as California and Nevada to listen to

some direct sale only Speaker Makers. 

Audio Club Members need to buy locally whenever possible to support the

retailers. Otherwise your choices will be to buy online, ship and 

begin a trial period.

Not a member benefit:

An automatic qualification for discounts at our local retailers. They all do a lot for our club so please thank them with your business. Of course you can negotiate your own deal but please leave the club out of it. 

When you buy on line from someone you can not meet remember -Caveat emptor will apply.  

Locally not so much. Thanks.

So far we have grown from 25 members in Jan 2019 to 65 as of November 1st, 2019. 

We hope to grow in 2020 by another 60 and reach 200 members by end of 2021.

More members allows everyone to enjoy a better club as we can attract 

more interest from manufacturers.

Annual Dues: $48/year.

$35 for 1st timers in their 1st year.


1 1/2 to 2 hour duration. Held on  the last Wednesday of each month except in the case of a public event which be held on a Saturday. There is typically no December Meeting.


These vary as we visit Showrooms,

Manufacturers, private residences, Phoenix Chamber Music 

Society performances, MIM, Studios and Record Stores.

We are currently scouting an ideal central location 

(Airport area) to equalize commutes for everyone.

2019 President's Message-Know your friends


Why We Grow

By year's end we will have close to 65 paid members and another

 40 associates who include retailers and wholesalers in the HiFi world.

240 paid members by year end of 2022  is an achievable goal. 

60 new members in 2020, 60  in 2021 and 60 in 2022.

Why is this important? For a club to be able to offer its membership 

worthwhile meetings the club needs to have some meaning 

to the manufacturers it solicits.

Secondly the leadership of the club must be vigilant  

recognizing  that local retailers are their best friends

not a place to simply stop/shop and then buy elsewhere. 

Such a buyer is a pariah who puts merchants out

of business. That is a lose-lose proposition. 

WIN-WIN is the ability to "Try before you buy",

Get local support and have a friend who cares

and will let you in his Special Deals. Beats a 

voice on the phone anytime.