New Tweak for Denon Turntables

DL -103 Aluminium Cap

Despite being designed in the 1960s, the Denon DL-103 models are still one of the masterpieces in audio technology and can easily compete with contemporary phono cartridges. This broadcast standard cartridge exhibits the life and dynamics of analog audio. By simply upgrading the cartridge body and attachment, you can be confident you are getting the highest performance from your cartridge.

The Aluminum Body Cap (The Cap) provides a broadband improvement to the already remarkable sound of the DL-103/r: increased bass presence, improved soundstage and imaging, combined with remarkable tone. The Cap is not a modification: it is an accessory. The Cap is completely removable and transferable. The Aluminum Body Cap securely bolts through the stock cartridge body and headshell, providing a firm, mechanical connection.

Blake Hovecar of AV Choices did a trial run for the club and bought one.

Call Blake for the skinny.

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